Month: July 2010

Reminiscing on past Group Trips

My home computer is set up with a small box in the right hand corner of the screen with a random slide show of all pictures in my photos folder. This box is always visible.  As I type Word documents or surf the internet, a pictorial representation of my past rotates almost in my subconscious.  The pictures that are most frequent in that rotation … Read More Reminiscing on past Group Trips

No more 3 by 5’s – the true beauty of Alaska

As I sit back and reflect on my long weekend trip to Alaska for the July 4th weekend, I think of John Mayer’s song 3×5.  “Didn’t have a camera by my side this time, hoping I could see the world through both my eyes. Maybe I will tell you all about it when I’m in the mood to lose my way with words.”  I … Read More No more 3 by 5’s – the true beauty of Alaska

6.2 million acres of beauty in Denali

Our long weekend trip from Washington DC to Alaska started on June 30th. I was happy that my friend Beth was on board with a 4 day trip to “The Last Frontier.” We arrived in Anchorage around 11PM on the 30th, not that you could tell with the sun shining bright. I forgot how beautiful the summer’s are in Alaska courtesy of the midnight … Read More 6.2 million acres of beauty in Denali