To blog or not to blog…

Well, it’s official, I suck at blogging about travel.  Since my last blog in July I have traveled to Sante Fe, New Mexico, Chicago, IL, Los Angeles, CA, Lake Geneva, WI, Las Vegas, NYC, Munich for Oktoberfest, back to Vegas, Tampa and a cruise out of Puerto Rico.  So clearly I can find time to travel, but not time to blog.  I was curious if I would be able to consistantly write about my travel experiences. I tend to be focused on doing my actual job during the day and planning my next trip at night.  When I’m on vacation I’m too busy having fun to stop and write. It’s best to write while I am enjoying the experiences of these destinations and yes, there’s an “app for that.”  I downloaded an “app,” but the few posts I drafted seemed to disappear before I return home. 

How do people do it? How do these travel bloggers send daily posts from all over the world without crazy wi-fi fees? How do they find the time to put their experiences in writting without interupting the actual experience? I’m a much better talker than writer anyway. Is there an app that will take dictation and post it to my blog? Come on, there must be… there’s an app for everything. 

Well I’m going to give it one more try. When my friend Janet said she couldn’t wait to read about my trip to Oktoberfest on The Travel Rush, I knew I was in trouble. lol Well that trip has come and gone Janet and to be honest, some things should not be documented on the internet. However, I will post a few of my favorite pictures from these blogless trips. Clearly my lack luster writing will hold me back from making a list like this: but that’s alright with me.

In less then 36 hours, I leave for a girls trip getaway to the Dominican Republic. We are adventuring to an all-inclusive resort that we were able to book through some crazy 10 year anniversary special for $10 a day! When you are able to book your room and board for that low of a price…something tells me we will have some blog worthy stories to share. All I am praying for is a safe destination with a clean bed bug free room and no food posioning.  Anything above that is unexpected added luxury! Fingers crossed.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the past few months of travel.

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  1. You are very beautiful! (genuine comment, not spam)

    Continue blogging about your travels when you have the time! 🙂

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