It’s the most wonderful time of the year

I eagerly wait in anticipation of my latest group trip guide-book that I have prepared for my friends, while humming the classic Christmas tune “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”  That phrase can really apply to any time of year that brings you joy. For me, the two months prior to any group trip are the most joyful because everything is a buzz.

Our upcoming group trip to Thailand involves visits to multiple cities; so we are using several hotels, airlines, tour companies and transportation vendors.  This time of year is when everything is due. It’s when I get back in touch with all the hotels, airlines and tour companies, to finalize payments, confirm head counts and secure local contact information.  This is when I am most excited about any group trip, because everything we have planned is fresh in my mind and there is still this sense of curiosity of what lies ahead. The image that is the header for this blog is a photo I took while on a tour of the Phi Phi Islands in Thailand. I can’t wait to see all the new photos from everyone’s unique perspective on the group trip next year.

I have the best group of friends who entrust me with their travel plans, so I always want them to have a great time without having to worry about any details. Once we depart on the trip I am a ball of stress, but right now I am full of excitement.  Each year I create a small booklet of information that includes our trip schedule, flight & hotel information and some basic tips.  The 2011 trip starts in Thailand for the full group fo 23, but at the end of the Thailand portion of the trip 15 of us are going to Hawaii. The Hawaii extension includes a full day layover in Seoul, Korea, so of course we are taking advantage of this opportunity and going on a tour in Korea. To make sure that everyone has all necessary information regarding the 4 hotels, 6 flights, 7 tours and other miscellaneous details… I decide to print a bound booklet this year through the website I think that website is a great tool for publishing small runs of text or photography books. My test copy of the book is supposed to arrive today and I am a little too excited about such a small item. haha

This is also a very busy time for me at work, so I am in the “work all day and night” mode to get everything done at work and then for the group. Tis the season! I wish everyone a wonderful season…a season of joy and excitement for a new year of travel adventures.

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  1. Ok, why did I not know about your blog?!?!? This is such a great idea. Please continue to write about your travels so those that are grounded like me can live vicariously through you! Miss you and our adventures together…pp

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