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Here I sit on another vacation realizing that I never blogged about the last one. I don’t know how people do it…blog daily, update on a consistent basis regarding their topic of choice. Bravo to all of you quality bloggers! I have decided that I’m not ready to give up, but recognize that my updates will be sporadic.
For example, my final group trip was in February and even though it was filled with great experiences (like seeing my friend Tiffany who has been traveling around the world for over a year and blogging about it) and quality memories (like my friends Greg and Tina getting engaged on Feb 14th while riding the elephants) I’m not ready to write about the full trip. Plus I kinda feel like anyone who wanted to hear about the trip has already asked and heard the stories.
So today I’m in Puerta Plata, DR enjoying a girls getaway over Memorial Day weekend with Betty, Alison, Harriet, Liz and Betty’s cousin Janet. This is our last full day in the DR and we are spending it as I prefer…relaxing. I will get a little exercise in, as I am required to play beach volleyball with Harriet later today. Harriet’s competitive spirit and athletic drive will prove to be an issue if I even attempt to win a game. Lol
We are staying at the Lifestyles Tropical Resort where I came with friends in December. We are enjoying the all inclusive resort that was available for an amazing $20 a day and still can’t believe that we receive such great food/drinks/quality housing for that price. All I can say is that people must be buying those timeshares…so cheers to them because we enjoy taking advantage of their investment.
Any resort on a holiday weekend offering a low price must bring in some not so quality characters…I refer to them as the entertainment. Thanks to Jetblue’s non-stop service from JFK, we’ve had a small version of the jersey shore on property. Thick accents, fascinating tattoos and inappropriate swimwear abound; including the three girls who tried to turn this joint into a topless beach. We’ve enjoyed the bizarre photo shoots and will walk away forever saying “show me sexy.”
I had a great time with the girls and hope that Harriet enjoyed her birthday weekend, because we have missed her since she moved to Texas.
I hope that another vacation is just around the corner and look forward to sharing more this year. I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend, which means you are probably not on a computer reading this blog.
Happy travels!


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  1. You can thank my dad for buying that timeshare! I cannnot wait to go there in Feb and miss you girls terribly.

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