Travel on the cheap, let the party begin!

Well it’s travel time again. Tonight I’m heading to Valencia, Spain for a Royal Caribbean cruise to Rome, Pisa/Livorno, Corsica and some other stop in Spain. I have done zero research on any of the places we are going to visit and that is very exciting to me.

I feel like its been forever since I last traveled to Europe. Probably because it has, based on my normal travel schedule. I’ve always been proud of my ability to find last minute cheap trips to fabulous places over the past few years. Finding these deals has allowed me to travel out of the country at least 6 times a year. I’ve slowed down in 2012, but now, 6 months into the year, I’m ready to roll.

This upcoming 8 day cruise was the deal of a century…$347. My friends keep asking how I found that deal, so I thought I would share my secret. The key to finding great deals on cruises is to remain flexible on dates and your cabin type. For example, if I wanted to select my exact cabin on this boat, I would have paid $1,200. However, because I selected a “guaranteed” room type, it allows the cruise line the flexibility to place you in a cabin later in the process after the picky folks have selected their cabins. Ha The last time I did this I selected a guaranteed inside cabin and then they assigned me to an ocean view. They often reward you for being flexible. For an easy to view list of available cruises go to, select cruises and sort by price. If you prefer to cruise the Caribbean, you can find very cheap 7 day cruises in December. The first two weeks of December are filled with holiday parties, etc so you can often book a 7 day cruise a month or so out from December for $200-300. If you don’t mind missing holiday parties it’s something to consider.

I am new to the world of iMac and just discovered iMovie. Yes, I’m a little late to the game but also very excited about taking video on my trip this week. Be on the lookout for some crazy video uploads and I apologize in advance for boring you silly with my latest obsession. 🙂
Fingers crossed for safe and on-time flights tonight/tomorrow! I’ve attached a photo from my last international flight on United…come on United, please give us lay flat beds onboard tonight. 🙂 Hope to send you greetings from Italy.


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