The secret to the future success of Airline Lounges

As I set off on my one day trip from DC to Charlotte, NC and back, I grab my Starbucks coffee and airport breakfast. I know that on the return I will need to deal with rush hour traffic in Charlotte, so I’ll probably eat dinner at the airport also. I sat in the AMEX lounge at BWI this morning, which was relaxing since no one has seemed to discover it. Great service for my Platinum card, thanks AMEX. They offer similar services as any regular airline lounge…snacks, coffee and a free cocktail. As I sat there thinking of my food options for the day (anything tasty is in no way good for you), I realize what’s missing in today’s airline loyalty programs.
I’ve been in airport lounges all around the world. I don’t consider myself an extreme frequent flyer, but I manage to maintain Gold status on some airline each year…normally United, but this year both United and Delta. Although I’ll due to changes in travel plans I won’t make United status this year. 🙁 oh yeah, back to my topic…the number one missing service. If an airline truly cares about my well being and they recognize the amount of hours I spend on the road or in the airport, these lounges should expand to add a gym and showers. Of course they must go hand in hand, no one wants to sit next to the guy who spent an hour on the treadmill and didn’t clean up.
Think about airlines…you are showing a real commitment to the health and welfare of your passengers and frequent flyers by investing in their health.
When one of you figure it out and do build it…no commission necessary, just a free membership will do. 🙂
You will most certainly see an increase in membership, because we Americans always need a little extra help with our waistline. This one included!!

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