Onboard apps, technology still needs improvement

Here I am, another week…another cross country flight. This time I’m on #Delta, which means I must connect to get to pretty much any destination. After all, before the merger with Northwest Air, Delta used to stand for Damn Everything Leaves Through Atlanta. Today’s destination is Denver, so I’m connecting through MSP, making this a lovely 5 1/2 hour journey.
No worries, I have my trusty iPad this time and was happy to receive a free 3 month subscription to Food & Wine magazine. All I need to do is download the December issue and I’ll be entertained for at least my first leg of the flight. Little did I know that one issue is 557MB and downloads at the speed of dial-up. I can hear the modem connecting in my head. OMG! I tried to download it on my wifi at home about 15 minutes before I left. My mistake, I didn’t realize it would take longer then 15 minutes. Im determined to make some Christmas meal planning decisions, so I’ll go ahead and buy the 90 minute wifi connection onboard…that will clearly be enough time. Wrong! (see picture below for 90 progress)

How can a publisher launch essentially a book app that takes more then 3 times the length of downloading a full feature film? I’m clueless. Not only did this “free subscription” cost me $9 already, but there is no way I would pay for a subscription in the future.

So just a tip to my traveling friends, be sure to download all reading material and other app driven tools the night before your trip. Also a note to magazine publishers, i.e. #AMEX (who i believe publishes F&W) make sure the technology is built to move at the speed of your customer demographic before you launch. Let’s be honest, everyone who knows me understands that I am definitely the target audience for this magazine.
Happy holiday cooking everyone!


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