2013 goals: Creating my first bucket list

I was reading a blog that I recently stumbled upon and was inspired to follow their lead. Lesley Carter lesleycarter.wordpress.com stated “people often make a bucket list when they think they might die. I want to make a bucket list to live.”
I agree! When people used to ask me why I traveled so much, I always said “tomorrow is promised to no one, so live for today.” Several years ago I began traveling to Europe, Asia and anywhere else my favorite airline would take me. I also found a love of cruising because of the number of different places I could visit without having to unpack and repack. In 2012, I slowed down my travel schedule to focus on my work and personal life and to find balance. In 2013, I would like to create my own #bucket list, with hopes that it will continue to help me focus and achieve my goals.

2013 Bucket List
1. Volunteer locally
2. Visit one new city in the US
3. Visit one new city internationally
4. Visit one new country
5. See one of the 8 wonders of the world
6. Help two friends book an amazing vacation
7. Blog at least once a month
8. Exercise at least three times a week
9. Plan events for three new companies: http://www.afsem.com
10. Attend my first NBA game
11. Have oysters in British Colombia
12. Visit a west coast winery
13. Eat at one of the top 50 restaurants in the world
14. Take a new class
15. Go on an executive tour of the White House

Wish me luck with my list and may each of you find your own bucket list to create and follow. Have a wonderful 2013 and happy traveling!


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