Greece Trip Booked… 5 things I can’t wait to do!

I just finished booking a trip to #Greece with a group of friends for travel June 28th through July 7th. We are staying on the island of #Mykonos for 4 nights and then staying in #Santorini for 4 nights (along with one night in Athens on the front end because of flight times).  I haven’t been to Greece in several years and I am thrilled to go back with such a fun crew. Here are a few things I can’t wait to do:

  1. Eat Greek Salad: Nothing beats a REAL Greek salad, which in no way includes actual lettuce. Instead it’s a mix of the most amazing and fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, feta (skip the onion) and olive oil with a sprinkle of some special seasoning.  I will probably eat one every day.


  1. Staying in Mykonos: We are spending 4 nights on the island of Mykonos and I have heard amazing stories about the nightlife.  I am excited about experiencing a new location, meeting the people who live there and it adds a new item to my bucket list (stay in on a new island). As we get closer to the travel dates I will have to look up some “must see” activities.


  1. Finding a Great Beach and People Watching: Yes, I recognize that the Greek Islands are basically all volcanic rock beaches, but I feel like Mykonos has to have a good one.  Also, peak season on the islands is sure to be a “show” and I can’t wait to see all the beautiful and not so beautiful people strut their stuff on the beaches, at the clubs and just on the streets. I’m assuming it will be like visiting NYC to get into a club on a Saturday night during peak season, so fingers crossed.


  1. Sunset in Santorini: Santorini was rated the number one island by Travel & Leisure in 2011 and it really is a great place. Sunsets in Oia, great shopping, lovely dining and nightlife in Fira town; I look forward to all of this and more in Santorini. Plus I want to do some 4-wheeling while I’m there, I saw someone take a tour on one the last time and it looked like fun.


  1. A Great Hotel in Santorini: As I mentioned earlier, I booked a group trip to Greece a few years back and one of our stops was Santorini.  I was happy to hear that my contact was still at the #Kallisti Thera Hotel and of course I had to book my stay at that property. The great location, beautiful facility and personal service are items everyone should look for in a hotel. It will also just be nice to see a friendly face.


There is a sense of relief that falls over me when I know that I have a vacation on the schedule. Yes, it’s a little crazy but I need something to look forward to as I go through the everyday grid at work.  I hope you are also working out your summer #vacation plans. If you need help you know I love planning and I’m just an email away!


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  1. lol! Why skip the onions? the real greek salad definitely needs its onions 🙂 Don’t forget to ask for “kapari” (caper), olives (any kind) and oreganum. It’s a must :))

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