My Mykonos Holiday

It’s my busy work travel month, so I’m in the midst of long days and lots of time on planes. As I sit in a ton of meetings, I can’t help but day dream about my fabulous vacation to #Mykonos last month. I think I promised a few friends that I would blog about Mykonos, so here are the highlights of that trip.

Where to stay:
We were greeted at the airport by our hotel contact Panos and brought to the #Adonis Hotel. The lobby is open and comfortable with big windows that face the sea. You can sit on the porch at sunset for a lovely view. The rooms are a nice size with fairly large bathrooms and many have a balcony or access to their patio out back. This hotel sits on the edge of town, with the beach around the corner to the left and the bus station around the corner to the right. To me it’s the perfect location because you can walk straight into town to shop, eat, party and/or take in the sights. But you can also quickly hop on a bus to go to one of the many beaches, including the popular Super Paradise Beach. The staff at the hotel made you feel like family and when I return to Mykonos I will stay at the Adonis Hotel again.

What to Do:
I tend to focus on being lazy on holiday, so this list may not be lengthy. Haha
The primary activities are beach, shopping, dinning and bars.
Each day we would hop on a bus and go to a different beach. Paranga beach was very relaxing and had decent underwater life if you wanted to snorkel. If you want to enjoy the beach during the day but then start dancing and drinking by mid-day, Super Paradise Beach is you mega party destination. They have girls dancing on tables to entertain the boys and when the booze starts flowing…the girls and guys in the crowd tend to decide they want some attention also. I was quite shocked by the “show” some vacationers put on, in this day and age of #YouTube, etc. But clearly some peeps just don’t care and I was looking for the girls gone wild camera crew.
The best thing our group did in Mykonos was book a private #yacht for the day. It is lovely to view the island from the water. We booked the yacht through the hotel and it included lunch and beverages onboard. It was very relaxing and just a nice touch. If you want to meet other people, then book a spot on one of their group boat tours. You can find several options that include snorkel equipment for about 40-60 euro per person.
At night there are several mega clubs, but I also just liked hitting the bars/clubs in town. They have happy hour specials around 10:30pm till midnight, so Americans be aware that no one goes out till much later. Dinner time normally starts around 9, but this town has a lot of cruise customers, so food is available all day. If you want to hit a big club, we enjoyed Club Tropical which has a pool in the center and just has a nice flow. Please note, if you take the bus to the club, they pack people onboard and several people may already be wasted. On our journey to the club the bus driver stopped halfway and kicked someone off the bus for getting sick in route. Are we in college??? Ugh.
One last thing for activities, a ton of people rent scooters and ATV’s. They also have tons of accidents daily. Be aware before you rent (especially a scooter) how’s your health coverage on an island out of the country? I’m just saying…be aware. On our last and first day, we wondered through town looking at the shops and buying gifts. There are a lot of original pieces of art and hand crafted jewelry, plus fun gifts to bring home. Take some time and support the local economy.

What to eat:
I would give you a run down of my favorite restaurants, but honestly there are so many that are good I’d rather mention what to eat. First, if you don’t like seafood you are missing the point of eating on an island. My recommendations of must have foods:
– Fresh fish (so amazing and normally priced by kilogram)
– Calamari (Little Venice had the best)
– Gyros (our favorite spots were Jimmy’s and one that was to the right of the bus stop…crap I can’t remember the name)
– Greek salad (a must every day)
– seasoned meats, they have a variety of dishes that they refer to as BBQ but is nothing like American BBQ. It’s simply lovely seasoned meats, primarily pork, steak and chicken.

Whatever you do, be sure to take in the sights and enjoy the city. Mykonos can be as fast paced or chill as you want it to be. Take the city at your pace and have fun.





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