Don’t lose sight of your passion

Yesterday my remodeler asked me why I haven’t been traveling. He said he had been following my blog but noticed I had not written anything in a long time. I had no idea that he had any interest in my travel blog (or knew that it existed). Also, I have spent a great deal of time these past two years, taking my day job home with me. It’s time to find the balance, work hard, play hard.How often do we lose sight of our passion? How often do we allow the noise of life to get in the way of what we love? My New Year’s resolution was to take the time to return to talking about travel. And to make sure I follow through, my husband Tim is joining me. We are both passionate about travel and although we may not be traveling as often, we are still seeing the world. 

Next time we will talk about memorial day weekend; how we spent it last year and trends we’ve seen for 2017. 

Please feel free to share this with others, as that may help keep us on track. We will recap hotspots for 2016, and share thoughts for 2017 travel and beyond. If you have traveled with us recently, don’t be surprised if photos or video of you are posted. 

L & T

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