Enjoy the journey, not just the destination: Five steps to making the most of your airport experience

My husband and I just returned from an international vacation in Crete, which featured a layover in Istanbul, and an overnight stay at an Air B&B in Athens. Our final location was absolutely breathtaking, but we also enjoyed the journey along the way. So often when people arrive at the airport, they focus on getting from point A to point B and the hassles that are involved. But my advice to you is to simply start your vacation when you arrive at the airport. 

Here are a few tips for you to enjoy the journey:

1 – Research your airports: Many of today’s airports have a variety of services to entertain you on your long layover or extended time waiting for your flight. Everything from great restaurants to spa services and upgraded lounges provide an opportunity for you to relax before you begin your flight to your destination. 

2 – Sign up for lounge: If you are frequent flyer, you may automatically receive access to your airlines lounge at the airport. These lounges offer more comfortable seating beverages and sometimes food. If you were not a frequent flyer, there are companies like Priority Pass that offer you the ability to pay for access to their lounges domestic and international. Taking the time to relax in the lounge can set your mind right for your upcoming trip. 

3 – Have your meal at the airport: Many airports across the country and around the world have fantastic dining opportunities available to you while you wait for your flight. Instead of rushing to eat at your house before you head to the airport, arrive a little early and enjoy a nice meal while you’re there. 

4 – Visit the spa: It seems like I never check “get a mani/pedi” off of my pre-trip to-do list. Thankfully, many airports have prepared for those last-minute Travellers like myself. I cannot count the number of times I have made it through security quickly at the Orlando airport and found myself at the spa getting a pedicure. 

5 – Visit the bookstore: All airports offer a selection of books including most of the best sellers. Take this opportunity to catch up on your reading, or find magazines for the beach. Many airports offer book trading or rentals so try a new perspective at today’s bookstores. 

The best vacations allow a traveler to have a break from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. These tips should serve as a reminder to cherish those small moments within the overall travel experience and feel care-free. 

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