Childlike excitement over the first vacation of 2018

I’ve noticed how much my energy level and personality changes when I officially book a vacation. People often talk about where they want to travel, I talk about that all the time. But when an actual trip is researched and then booked, flight, hotel, etc…oh the excitement!!

Tim and I have talked to each other, friends and family about tons of places we would like to go this year or next, but we had not actually pulled out the credit card and booked anything. But finally, we found an awesome deal to Brussels over Presidents’ Day weekend and we locked it in. Oh the joy! We were thrilled about the price $645 for non-stop flights from DC and hotel.

There’s just something about knowing you’re confirmed and even more exciting when it’s just a few weeks away. The work days are easier. If there is stress at work I just think about the delicious Belgian waffles that I will soon be eating. If traffic is terrible, I think about walking around all the sights and tasting fine Belgian chocolates. If someone says something rude, I mentally transport myself to a Belgian brewery.

I’ve watched friends posting pictures from their vacations this year and always love to see them. Soon, we will head out on our first vacation of the year and although I realize we travel pretty often….I’m just really excited about this one.

Do you have your first trip of 2018 booked? If so, where are you going, or where did you go?

We are going to try and do a better job of sharing great restaurant finds, etc as we go, instead of waiting to post a big trip wrap up after we return. So be on the look out for a few short posts from one of us.

Really feeling the rush of travel!

L & T

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  1. Already went to the DR this year. Nashville is next on Mem Day weekend (come with us!) and Italy in July. Nov taking the whole family to Disney. Clearly we are friends for a reason! Miss you guys! Can’t wait to hear about your next adventures!

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