Waikiki beach: a beautiful melting pot of culture

This morning as I took a walk down Waikiki Beach, I noticed the crowd that surrounded me and the people walking by, seem to come from all around the world.

I observed people being kind to each other, from mixed couples, to different nationalities and all sexual preferences. On the beach, everyone was equal. I have been blessed to have a nontraditional worktrip that gave me the opportunity to travel to Honolulu and witness the cultural mecca of travelers on Waikiki beach. In a world that so often tries to think about the ways we are different and often tear each other down, it brings me such joy to see the things that we all have in common. When it comes to relaxation and spending time with family and friends, a beautiful beach like the one here in Honolulu, is universally accepted.

I recognize that what I’ve seen in the last 24 hours may not represent the every day life here on the island but it does give me hope.

Observing the beautiful trend of togetherness made me wonder if we all show a different perspective in our interactions with one another when we are on vacation. Wouldn’t it be great if in our every day lives we showed more kindness and less judgment?

My message today is simple, try to show a “vacation mindset” every day. Relax, embrace people outside of your normal circles and take the time to be kind to one another.

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