Five tips for the Amalfi Coast

We recently visited the Amalfi Coast with a group of friends. It was a wonderful getaway that requires planes, trains and automobiles to get there; but totally worth it.

Logistics: We flew into Rome, took the train from the airport to Salerno (connecting through Roma Termini) and then took the ferry from Salerno to Amalfi. You buy your train tickets online or upon arrival and then buy your ferry ticket at the pier in Salerno. We stayed at the Hotel Bussola, which I highly recommend! The location is phenomenal, just steps from the pier, the staff was kind and will manage your transfers, etc and offered daily tours for guests and the rooms were perfect. Once you are in Amalfi, here are some tips:

1 Relax – The Amalfi Coast is the perfect place to lay back, feel the see breeze on your face and decompress. From the picturesque fountains that shoot out clear, cool drinking water, to the fabulous restaurants with outdoor seating that overlooks the Mediterranean sea, Amalfi is the place to take time and just go with the flow.

2 Take a Boat Tour – We had a private boat that took us all around the coast. We started at Capri and then continued to visit the various sites that were only accessible by water. One of these sites was the bay of Conca dei Marini, featuring the Green Grotto which takes on an emerald hue that seems to light the water from below. We enjoyed a mouthwatering seafood lunch at Torre Saracena Spiaggia Ristorante an exclusive restaurant accessible only by water. Our full day boat tour was the highlight of the trip, so if you have a chance don’t miss it.

3 Tour Ravello – is a city located atop the mountainous peak with majestic views unlike almost any place on earth. Tranquility, harmony, beauty and a rare connection with nature make this place a must visit. We took the hop on hop off bus for 10 Euro and found this town to be one of our favorite destinations that we’ve ever visited. A highlight is the breathtaking view from the outdoor restaurant at the Hotel Rufolo.

4 Visit Positano – known for wonderful shops and landscapes, Positano is a nice destination for a day trip. For those who like to get in the water, keep in mind there is very limited access to swimming and beachfront.

5 Drink Limoncello – The weather in the Amalfi Coast is the perfect combination of sun and climate to produce some of the most sought after lemons in Europe. Here you will find  the “missle lemon” which is larger and unique to Amalfi. The locals use these lemons to produce a variety of Limoncello that is creamy, flavorful and delicious. The local region does not export these lemons due to the local demand so you won’t find it anywhere else. It is a tradition to finish a delicious meal with a sip of Limoncello, so make sure to try some.

Bonus tip:

Eat, eat, eat – The food in the Amalfi Coast, much like everywhere in Italy, is fantastic. Be sure to enjoy the pastas, pizzas, gelato and of course, seafood fresh from the Mediterranean. Our group had dinner at Lido Azzurro which is right on the water in Amalfi. It was phenomenal! We would fly back today for the ricotta ravioli and the grilled seafood platter. If you visit, don’t miss it!

Until next time!

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