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We discovered that we both had a passion for travel early in our relationship. Our first trip from Paris to Ibiza, set the stage for a whirl wind future together. We’ve been known to go on multiple trips a year. We plan many of them over long weekends and holidays, to avoid a conflicts with our jobs.

After we got married, we traveled to Thailand for our honeymoon. Over the years our love for travel continues to grow. From multiple trips to the islands of Hawaii, a weekend getaway in Istanbul to bringing a group on a land and sea tour of New Zealand and Australia, we love to travel the world.  We are blessed to have a diverse group of friends who often travel with us. We feel a certain rush when we know we are heading somewhere new.

Our goal is to use this site to give trip ideas, tips and share some of the great highlights from our trips to build a reference for future travelers. If you are inspired to travel, you can also reach out to us so we can craft a special experience for you and your friends and/or family.

We hope you catch The Travel Rush!

Tim & Lakisha

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