The weak travel blogger

Here I sit on another vacation realizing that I never blogged about the last one. I don't know how people do daily, update on a consistent basis regarding their topic of choice. Bravo to all of you quality bloggers! I have decided that I'm not ready to give up, but recognize that my updates... Continue Reading →

To blog or not to blog…

Well, it's official, I suck at blogging about travel.  Since my last blog in July I have traveled to Sante Fe, New Mexico, Chicago, IL, Los Angeles, CA, Lake Geneva, WI, Las Vegas, NYC, Munich for Oktoberfest, back to Vegas, Tampa and a cruise out of Puerto Rico.  So clearly I can find time to... Continue Reading →

Reminiscing on past Group Trips

My home computer is set up with a small box in the right hand corner of the screen with a random slide show of all pictures in my photos folder. This box is always visible.  As I type Word documents or surf the internet, a pictorial representation of my past rotates almost in my subconscious.... Continue Reading →

Travel gives me such a rush!

Well I have been obsessively traveling the world for over eight years and I thought, why not blog about it.  I traveled a lot growing up as a military brat, because my father was in the airforce and therefore they transferred our family wherever he was needed.  Yes, I called myself a brat. If you live in a hotel... Continue Reading →

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