Top five pet peeves on an airline flight and how to fix them

We all have them, things that other passengers do on board a flight that just drive you a little crazy. After witnessing all five of these “transgressions” throughout the course of yesterday’s nine-hour flight, I felt compelled to make a list. Here are my top five in-flight pet peeves and solutions to make a better flight experience for all.

1. Remove your oversized backpacks! 

When boarding a plane, remove your oversized backpack and carry it in front of you. No one enjoys getting hit in the face with your bag as it swings from side to side while you walk down the aisle toward your seat.

2. Don’t push on the seats!

If you need to get up during the flight, when you are squeezing your way out to the aisle, push back on your own seat, or the empty seats that your seat mates just left. I always watch people push and pull on the occupied seats in front of them, as though there was no other option. Other passengers do not need to wake up just because you have to pee. 

3. Flush the toilet!

Boys, this is not a urinal….you need to flush as a courtesy to the other passengers onboard. Nuff said.

 4. Shut the window, please!

If you are flying on a long flight, as a courtesy to the passengers across the aisle from you, please shut the window. I’m sure a lot of people like to watch the plane take off, or grab a picture from the sky. No worries. But every time I see someone in the window seat with the window open, passed out, while the blinding sun is flashing in my eyes….I want to scream. Or the person who opens the window to read….you have a reading light people. 

5. Not being prepared for a crying baby

It’s almost inevitable, if you have a long flight, there will be a baby on board. Bring ear plugs or headphones and turn on the music. Don’t look at the parents like they have done something wrong. It’s a baby, they cry. 

Ok, lets hear your thoughts! Do you agree, disagree? Share your top pet peeves or tips for travelers to make life on board easier.

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  1. Those are 5 excellent pointers sis!! Or when someone has an over stuffed carryon that should’ve beeen checked in.

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